The Institute of Productive Learning - IDAP is a training centre belonging to theTown Council of Vilafranca del Penedès. From 1994 it has been involved in the promotion of Productive Learning in our country and the development of training programmes using this methodology closed to the didactical application of the New Information and Communication Technologies.

In particular, IDAP sets out the following objectives:            

·        To promote the Productive Learning methods like new educative methodology for people over the age of sixteen years interested in improving their social, working and cultural life.


·        To encourage the exchange of experiences in Productive Learning between projects in our country and of the European countries.


·         To promote the Network of Productive Schools (XEPS) and to welcome the activities of the International Network of Productive Schools (INEPS) in our country. To gather together experiences from our country in an ongoing debate regarding the rol of the school and continues education.


·        To develop training programmes Vilafranca City as School, for unemployed people, the IDAP TV & Multimedia, for young people interested in multimedia techniques, the Learnshop ICT, for approching the ICT to all people, and Productive Learning Modules in Secondary Education.


·        To promote new training projects in the field of Productive Learning, making intensive use of New Information and Communication Technologies.


Faithful to its objectives, IDAP has already taken care of the educational needs of more than nine hundred citizens from 8 to 83 years old proceeding from Vilafranca and Penedès region, trought several training programmes and modules of Productive Learning.


Next to the training activity, IDAP organizes events, training seminars for traineers and conferences, as well as elaborating publications and materials.


At an international level, the institute participates actively in congresses, conferences, meetings between young people, and training seminars. Also it takes part in international partnerships, within the framework of initiatives and programmes funded by European Union. These programmes have ment that young people from several European countries could work and learn together promoting their personal and social development.


IDAP has also acted as a catalyst for the creation of Network of Productive Schools (XEPS) in our country, that was legally constituted in association in 1995. Also, IDAP maintains an active rol as much in XEPS as in the International Network of Productive Schools (INEPS). In the next 2004 will be on charge to the organization of the 16th INEPS Internacional Congress

It participates in the administration council and is involved in the organization and diffusion tasks in both organizations.


In this center the people learn independentment, the people belive in self possibilites and the self confiance. 





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