"PROTASI" is a primary prevention movement (NGO) which was born in 1988 in three high schools sharing th same school premises. The shcool propulation war 1.500 students and 100 teachers. The aim was the organization of prevention in and around the school area.


Its succesful process resulted to a great development covering not only the city of Patras of 200.000 citizens but all the prefecture of Achaia of 500.000 citizens and the further countries as well. 


Concerning the quality of the extended programs which are being materialized and the effectiveness of the efforts being invested by professionals and volunteers, “PROTASI” is one of the most important volunteers movement in Greece.

The widespread recognition and acceptance of “PROTASI’s” philosophy is due to:


a.   The voluntary involvement of teachers, parents, health personnel and the citizens of different professions.

b.   The continuous training of its members by specialists for the personal growth, voluntarism, primary drug prevention.

c.   The positive exploitation of the group dynamics in its functioning.


This particular way of “PROTASI’s” development was unique in Greece because there was a balance of cooperation between volunteers and specialists resulting in equal and edifying relations but still in “PROTASI” the volunteers are the protagonists.


This strategy has as a result hundreds of people to be trained in primary prevention producing a very important work acting as multipliers and creating a social network.

“PROTASI’s” projects are directed to the students, teachers, the family and social groups and their purpose is to inform, intervene, provide with knowledge and experience and help primary prevention initiatives taken by groups of volunteers.  


In 1993 “PROTASI” initiated the CENTER OF CREATIVE OCCUPATION (CCO). In the CCO young people meet as groups (theatre, puppet theatre, handicrafts, photography, music, expressional movement, dance) or as individuals giving expression to their abilities and skills. In these target groups the members come to entertain themselves while at the same time they develop and improve their communicative abilities and skills, or obtain new behaviors and attitudes through the dynamics of the group.


The CCO is run by a group of specialists and volunteers. This center is open to every child between 13 – 18 years old.  The main philosophy of the C.C.O. is that the co-coordinators work with the young people and not for them to help them obtain the ability to make positive choices in their lives through their involvement into creative occupation tasks.


In 1999 was created a new group named “SEVACH”. The “SEVACH” group is consisted of young volunteers who are older than 18 years and have been members of the C.C.O. in the past in the creative occupation groups. This group is the “seed bed” of young volunteers who are trained in peer leading and youth work. They also undertake great responsibilities in the functioning of the C.C.O and they implement alternative, innovative projects for the primary prevention of drugs, the protection of the environment, the social and professional exclusion and many others based on the needs of young people.

The SEVACH group with the Principal of CCO Angela Passa

                          The SEVACH group with the CCO Principal Angela Passa


The CCO has a very close cooperation with the International Network of Productive Schools. The CCO shares a lot with the philosophy and the methodology of productive learning. One of its aims is to establish a productive learning pilot project in Greece with the cooperation of public school authorities. “PROTASI” and productive learning (through its vehicle INEPS) meet in the field where problems are born and solutions are elaborated as positive alternatives to the reasons that cause them.



14th INEPS Congres in Patras 2002



“PROTASI” belongs through different of its projects to many National and International Organizations and Networks and also implements short and long term transnational European projects     


Some of the activities of “PROTASI” are supplemented and supported by the Municipality of Patras, OKANA (Organization Against Drugs), National Youth Agency, Ministry of Education.  



Theme: "Five rings - The Olympic spirit as connecting ring for the coexistence of cultures - an answer to xenophobia and racism"

Web page: http://www2.forthnet.gr/protasi/


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