IDAP is a centre for unemployed people from 16 years old. Many of them have already graduated from comprehensive school. The aim for the Spanish students is to get a job. The first step inVisit to an electromechanical enterprise this process is to find out what kind of job they want and then make up a plan. The only help the students get is instruction to realize it, using modern technology (computers and IT). The starting point is a trainee position that hopefully leads to employment. We visited two work places, where the apprentices (students) were to be employed. The first place was a repair shop for pumps (electromechanics). The second was a local television studio,   where one of the students already had got a job. It seems that IDAP is deeply rooted in the small society of Vilafranca.

Here at Fogelströmska gymnasiet the students are younger than Spanish students (between 16 and 20 years). Their goal is to get marks in theoretical subjects -  mathematics, English and Swedish – which in our country is necessary to attend upper secondary school (continuation of the nine-year compulsory school). They can also improve their marks in other subjects. Our students do work experience too, but not as extensive; They have a possibility to try the working life in general. In the school the students work together with career counsellors, welfare officers and teachers. Our school is situated in the city of Stockholm and we have students from all suburbs. About fifty percent of them are immigrants. That means we also work a lot with the integration process.

Photo 1 . One IDAP's student, David, in his practical resource about electromechanics.

 Photo 2. Here we are knowing the IDAP's training system
The German group in Fogelstromska Gymnasiet

Excursion to a Cava Factory in Vilafranca

Our touristical tour around Catalonia

The Finnish group in Fogelstromska Gymnasiet

Cooking for the Catalan group

Exhibition in Jiväskylä

In the darknest and coldest month of the year

A touch of History for our German friends


Getting to know de Catalan students

Triying to know about the Catalan and Spanish culture

7th Youth INEPS Congress in Stockholm

REPORTS (Active Citizenship, Intercultural issues, Educations, ICT, etc.)

Some Information about Catalan culture

Human Towers

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