The Kiderül project was established in 2002 January in Pécs, Hungary as a project of the National Employement Found. The project operates as one of the several subprojects of the South Transdanubial Resource Centre, a non profit organisation      

The objective is to help improve the potential subsistence and living conditions of the young people who failed the school system, who are without any professional training or skill, and have no other support.

Target group

 - young people between the ages of 15 and 25, who have failed the school system.

- young people, who are older than the compulsory school age and who have not continued their studies in high school.

- young people who are not able to make decisions about their future career and profession.

Objective of the program 

The general goal for the above mentioned target group is to widen their potential for employment. The specific goal is to help these young people become qualified and skilled workers and employees. In order to reach these objectives the program improves the young people’s  general, basic and special skills, maintaines a reality based career-advising service and provides the information that they need.

Organization, activities and program

The program "Kiderül" realizes its goals with the help of numerous professional organizations. Technical institutes, employment organizations, self-governments, social help organizations, professional helpers, etc. also participate in the program.

Teachers, social workers and other professionals (psychologists, specially trained pedagogues) are part of the team as well. Therefore, the personal and professional conditions for complex improving, helping, developing and problem handling are guaranteed.

The following projects are offered to the young people in individual or small group form, where their revealed problems and difficulties are addressed:

- basic improvement of knowledge which is necessary for further learning 

-  improvement of the basic or key skills

- motivation enhancement

- personal career plan development

- career path orientation (Young people can test themselves in their chosen profession before starting the professional training.)

- individual counselling

- KID club

After a successful career path orientation, the financial support of the Baranya County Employment Centre makes it possible to participate in several no cost special trainings. Because of the cooperation of technical schools in the program, young people can continue their studies in these schools too.

Mailing address: Dél-Dunántúli Regionális Forrásközpont
7630 Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos u. 45. Hungary
E-mail address:
Phone number:  xx-36-72-514-109

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