MIRROR WEB SITE is a project which is being developed by three European institutions devoted to youth training. The institutions are:


  • Vocational Institute Riihimaen Ammattioppilaitos, in Riihimäki (Finland).
  • Fogelströmska Gymnasiet, in Stockholm (Sweden).
  • Institut d’Aprenentatge Productiu, in Vilafranca delPenedes (Catalonia, Spain)

These centres are characterized by the application of innovative pedagogical approaches which, being gathered together under the name of Productive Learning, are based on the students’ individual curricula and on eminently practical activities. In these centres the students themselves are the ones who, in an active way, assume the role of protagonists of their own training process.


MIRROR WEB SITE consists of the creation of a web site, open and dynamic, which enables the enrichment of the youth’s training activity, as well as the development of new educational approaches through the analysis and comparison of the respective pedagogical practices of the associated centres. This product intends to be a real pedagogical tool to promote the intensive use of the New Technologies of Information and Communication, in their quality as media as well as working tools.


MIRROR WEB SITE, initially to last for a year, is composed by young people from 15 to 25 years old who, with the support of their educationists, carry out activities in the bosom of each centre. They do some research into several social topics which are of their interest, they write, they draw, they take photos, they make videos or other media materials, etc. by doing such activities, they develop a capacity for reflection and criticism in an appealing and enthusing framework. Besides, academic competences are promoted and the participants are enabled to use the TIC. The organization of visits to the different associated centres is also considered in the project in order to know, describe, analyse and compare the techniques, methods and resources used by each other.


MIRROR WEB SITE means to observe, reflect and experiment as a whole. That is to say, to see oneself reflected on the activity of the ones who are sharing the same educative philosophy, as if it was a three-sided mirror.












The proposal of the MIRROR WEB SITE project is the enlargement and enrichment of this virtual plartorm of working and communication with the implication of other associated centres and lateral partners which could benefit  themselves using this product as a powerful and atractive tool in their pedagogical activities. 


All of these eruopean  centres are  offering to the young disadvantadged people new learning approches and big possibilities for their personal and professional growing.  


The associated centres are:


·        Fogelströmska Gymnasiet, in Stockholm (Sweden).

·        Gustave Eiffel Oberschule, in Berlin (Germany)

·        Institut d’Aprenentatge Productiu, in Vilafranca del Penedes (Catalonia, Spain)

Four lateral partners:

·         La Ville pour Ecole, in Paris (France).

·         KIDerül Programme, in Pécs (Hungary).

·         Protasi for Another Lifestyle, from Patras (Greece)


To continue in the "Mirroring" action between us foccussed in the analysis and comparison of our pedagogical practices, tools and methods.

To create a comparative data-base in a new section of the MIRROR WEB SITE  with large and precise information of the characteristics of each project concerning mainly to the training processes of the students. This data base could be useful  for the future planification of exchage's students and partnerships.

To empower  our students in new systems, technics and styles of work and communication in the age of the New Communication and Information Technologies and the Knowledge's Society.