IDAP, Institute of Productive Learning in Vilafranca del Penedes has already a status as an important educational option for many kind of learners and people. Idap´s students are mainly older than our students in Riihimäki. (Most of our students are 16 years old.)

The main difference between our school and Idap is that while our students are trying to improve their ability and skills to continue their educational career, the aim for the Spanish students is to get employed. The work in Idap seems to concentrate more on the new information technology (computers, multimedia, video etc). In Riihimäki we have to focus more on the basic traditional school subjects.

 The most important similarity on our systems is the individual planning for each student. Every student has his/her own goals and targets they try to achieve with the help of the counsellors and teachers. The target is also set by the students themselves so that everybody has an individual curriculum which will be followed as well with the help of the teachers.

Both schools, Riihimäki and Vilafranca, use the “productive learning method” in which learning is tried to be taken into serious real life situations, for example in real workplaces such as tv-studios, different kinds of repair shops and so on. This is done because we believe that working gives “faces” to learning and increases students inner motivation.

It was good to see that the city of Vilafranca has given Idap the chance to be an important, serious alternative for people with many different needs to improve their key qualifications in working markets.


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