Ammattikymppi – The Vocational 10th class!

The purpose of Ammattikymppi, is to create new ways of learning with methods based on individual skills and motivation.

The aim of this “productive learning” –method is to prevent possible mishits concerning future education choices.

During the year the students have a possibility to improve their possible weak sides. For example; if you have difficulties in math and you think you have to improve it to manage in your future school or education or work, then you must study maths.

 Ammattikymppi also gives counselling in order to give better information about real working situations and different professions in work life by using internships of individual duration so the choice of future training will be made on better basis.

Ammattikymppi is funded partly by the Finnish board of education and partly by European social fund.

 In a nutshell Ammattikymppi offers students the possibility to:

 - improve and study your weak schoolsubjects or strengthen your strong ones

- gives you information about the vocational education and other possibilities to go on after the year

- chance to get experience from the real workplaces in order to know what is your “career” and what is not.





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