The Productive Learning methodology in Gustave Eiffel School is based on individual programs written by the students themselves and including pedagogical assessment. Besides, they formed groups to refurbish the school. For instance, such a situation allowed the trainer to know about the student’s skills as well as how they cooperated and interacted one another in the group.



Thanks to this kind of experience, the trainers were able to have a deeper insight into the student’s psychological skills. The course was divided into three trainers who orientated students, as part of an orientation period, during the first month. They taught them how to get information as well as some assistance in the German language and timing their projects.


First, the students described the project on their own. This made them more conscious about everything.


The content of the program slightly described the student’s personal information, his interests and needs and why he/she has them, the aim of the product to develop and, finally, a special report.

Is very important to describe: the documentation of the learning process and the development product, explaining the experience in it self at the end of the term, explaining what they did and learned about themselves.


The individual work in the centre was divided into two parts: the individual work and the academical training. The learning fields were: English, Maths, Socials, an optional subject: Nature, technical science, society or culture.


They are self-directors of the theoretic part, their research for information and tools within their reach.


In their portfolios they had complementary documents such as the contract on the practical placement, the parent’s permission, the school rules and, finally, their signature as acceptance of the training plan.


The students had to describe their daily activities and abilities on the training diary.

There were not any workshops in the school.

The whole training process took place in the school.

The practical placement took place mostly in the school too.

The students need personal orientation because they may change their product several times.

Methodology and communication sections are twice per week.

The companies where the practices are done cover all types of fields.  Communication is one of the targets to achieve.

The school and the local government insure the students.


In Gustave Eiffel School there is the possibility to choose among 500 different training types. One of the most important decisions for the apprentice to take in the one concerning the choice of the practical placement: they usually choose the nearest place to their homes.


Our impression about the productive learning school is that create a  role full of possibilities which let us learn each day in different ways.  As respect the learning rhythm from each people and let them the opportunity to change his present cause future is waiting for us.



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