19 April 2024

Successful INEPS Congress 2012
24th INEPS Congress in Vilnius
New MAP Classroom is implemented in Vilafranca del Penedès
From Kokkola to Vilafranca
Reward for Comenius project Come Here - Compare
Next IPLE International Seminar in Catalonia
IPLE Seminar - Final Conference in Barcelona
21th INEPS Congress in Helsinki
20th IPLE International Seminar in Vilafranca
20th INEPS Congress in the Black Sea
22th INEPS Congress in Bucharest
Successful 22th IPLE Seminar in Créteil-Paris
Come Together, Learn Together, Work Together
23rd INEPS Congress in Patras
9th INEPS Youth Congress in Berlin
Building Bridges Paris-Berlin
Meeting in Berlin for a new Comenius project
Beginning of a new Comenius project in Productive Learning
3rd meeting Come Learn Work Together in Stockholm
MAP Class of IES Milà i Fontanals received to Hufeland Shule and Ambassadörs Akademin groups in Vilafranca del Penedès
IES Eugeni d'Ors receives to Hufeland Shule group in the third meeting Come Here-Compare
Come Here - Compare partners gathered in Berlin
Firs meeting Come Here Compare in Stockholm
Come Here - Compare partners will celebrate the next meeting in Berlin


New MAP Classroom is implemented in Vilafranca del Penedès

from Vilafranca del Penedès has a MAP Classroom since this course 2010-2011 attending disadvantaged students of the last course of secondary education. Is the first time that IDAP collaborates with a private school where the difficulties with some profile of students exist also, although in a lower percentage than public high schools.


Some months ago Sant Josep’s teachers received an intensive seminar in Productive Learning organised by IDAP’s staff. During its development they showed a big sensibility and enthusiasm with Productive Learning, feeling that it could be the effective solution for their school. 


Productive Learning is implemented in Vilafranca since 2002 through the IDAP training programme “Productive Learning in Secondary Schools – MAP Classrooms”. The global obtained are very good in more than 180 students, of which more than 85 % have certificated in this stage of the compulsory school.



                                   The student's group in Communication Session




Lander presenting his Individual Training Plan





                                                                            Vilafranca del Penedès

                                                                                     September 2010

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