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22th INEPS Congress in Bucharest


22nd Congress of INEPS

Bucharest, 1-7 May 2010

“Building bridges over troubled waters – Productive Learning improving general skills needed in personal and working life”

How to create individual and flexible paths within general education, from secondary schools to vocational education, to the world of work, to good life!


Dear Madam, dear Sir, Dear colleagues, dear friends,

We have the honor to invite you on behalf of the International Network of Productive Schools (INEPS) and Foundation Center Education 2000+ to participate in INEPS' 22nd Congress which will take place in Bucharest, 1st to 7th May, 2010.

Once arrived in Romania you will discover a world in change, also including the reform in education trying to seek new forms of learning that could tailor the needs of individual pupil and face the challenges of the 21st century. Convinced of the fact that PL can be the “bridge” over the “troubled waters” of our educational system, we hope the topic of the seminar to be very relevant for the Romanian decision-makers and make a great step in implementing PL in Romania. We expect the participant countries to create new paths in using PL for developing students’ skills to cope with life, to get integrated into the world of work and to achieve success.

Bucharest is the Capital City of Romania and the largest city in the country. It is situated in the south of the country. Summers tend to be very hot, but in May, when you will be our guests, the temperature is very pleasant, between 17 and 25º C at noon. May is flowers’ month of the year.

Bucharest was first mentioned on September 20, 1459, in a document issued by the famous Vlad Dracula the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia. It is the moment when Bucharest started its journey, from the village of Bucur the Shepherd (legendary founder and name giver) to the largest city of the country.

The Romanian language is, for the surprise of first time guests, very similar to Italian. The explanation is that over 70% of Romanian vocabulary is of Latin origin. The actual territory of Romania was conquered by the Romans in 106 A.D. by the emperor Trajan and from the mixture of local population, the Dacians, with Roman colonists was born a new people, the Romanians. The rest of 30% of Romanian language is formed by words with Slavic, Turkish and Magyar etymology.

Foundation Center Education 2000+, your host organization, is considered to be one of the most important Romanian independent educational institutions with a highly ranked professional expertise in the domain. The Center currently implements its own educational programs; at the same time, it provides a large range of Technical Assistance and services in the domains of education policy analysis and design, educational projects design, implementation and monitoring.

The Center currently represents the most articulate civil society voice in the field of education in Romania.At the same time, through its programs – many of them replicated by the mainstream system – the Center is a relevant and recognized change agent that sustains an open and dynamic change effort in Romanian education. In terms of legal status, Center Education 2000+ is a non-governmental and non-political organization.

Congress site

The congress will take place at Hotel Minerva conference rooms, at ten schools and high schools in Bucharest and at the Children’s Palace, also in Bucharest.

Costs and program

The conference fee is 200 Euro per person. It includes the organization and administration costs, the Welcome Dinner, the Farewell Dinner, all lunches and coffee breaks, bus tour of Bucharest with English speaking guides, tickets to Village Museum and Parliament Palace, congress folders and certificates.


Saturday, 1.5.10 (Arrival day)

20:00 Welcome dinner at Minerva Hotel

Sunday, 2.5.10

09:00 Registration

10:00 Opening of the congress

10:45 INEPS` steps into the future

11:00 My own story about INEPS (group discussions)

12:00 Lunch at Minerva Hotel

13.00 INEPS General Assembly (GA 1)

14:00 Coffee break and preparation of the PL Market

14:45 Market of INEPS - PL in different countries

16:00 End of the day

Monday, 3.5.10

09:00 School visits: The Romanian colleagues present their daily work

12:00 Lunch at schools

13:00 Workshops: Exchange of challenges, problems and possible solutions in daily work

16:00 End of the day

Tuesday, 4.5.10

09:00 Workshops: Motivation, Communication, Counseling

12:00 Lunch at schools/ out of school project

13:00 Workshops: Motivation, Communication, Counseling

15:00 End of workshops

20:00 Cultural program: Classical Concert at Athenaeum

Wednesday, 5.5.10

10:00 Field exercise – exploring the city of Bucharest

14:00 Informal meetings for international exchange activities

17:00 End of the day

(19:00 AC meeting)

Thursday, 6.5.10

09:00 Workshops

11:00 Preparation of the results of the week

11:30 Presentations of the week as a market

12:30 Lunch at Minerva Hotel

14:00 INEPS General Assembly (GA 2)

15:00 Closing of the congress

19:00 Farewell dinner in a traditional Romanian Restaurant

Friday, 7.5.10 (Departure day)

We would like to recommend a classical concert on Tuesday, 4th of May at the famous Athenaeum. The ticket costs 12 Euro and can be paid cash with the seminar fee at the registration desk.

Congress office Center Education 2000+

Daniela Nita (Mobile: 0040 723 568 568, Phone: 004 021 212 0780; Fax 004 021 212 0779, e-mail: