The basic idea of Fogelströmska gymnasiet and ”det individuella programm” has already been explained on these pages so we will talk about some of the main similarities and differences between the educational system in Riihimäki and Fogelströmska. The educational system in Finland is quite similar to the Swedish one. The most important difference seems to be the fact that in Finland, after 9-years of comprehensive school students can choose between the more theoretical “gymnasium” and the more practical vocational school. Both of them usually take three years to pass.

Our “Ammattikymppi” is an option, also called the tenth year. During this year students can take extra time on deciding  about their future choice and improve their basic skills. So they have already passed the comprehensive school but for some reason they need or want an extra year to be more sure about their chosen “career”.

In Fogelströmska, students have to concentrate more on adapting themselves and their skills to the “normal” school system even if it´s done individually. The student's background is very different from our schools. While all our students in Riihimäki have a totally Finnish background, the Swedish group was very “international” almost everyone of the group had some roots in other countries such as Turkey, Somalia, Hungary etc. This, of course, sets some different targets for the whole “educational task”.


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