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Successful INEPS Congress 2012
24th INEPS Congress in Vilnius
New MAP Classroom is implemented in Vilafranca del Penedès
From Kokkola to Vilafranca
Reward for Comenius project Come Here - Compare
Next IPLE International Seminar in Catalonia
IPLE Seminar - Final Conference in Barcelona
21th INEPS Congress in Helsinki
20th IPLE International Seminar in Vilafranca
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Come Together, Learn Together, Work Together
23rd INEPS Congress in Patras
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Building Bridges Paris-Berlin
Meeting in Berlin for a new Comenius project
Beginning of a new Comenius project in Productive Learning
3rd meeting Come Learn Work Together in Stockholm
MAP Class of IES Milà i Fontanals received to Hufeland Shule and Ambassadörs Akademin groups in Vilafranca del Penedès
IES Eugeni d'Ors receives to Hufeland Shule group in the third meeting Come Here-Compare
Come Here - Compare partners gathered in Berlin
Firs meeting Come Here Compare in Stockholm
Come Here - Compare partners will celebrate the next meeting in Berlin


20th IPLE International Seminar in Vilafranca

The MAP Classrooms and its pedagogical model debated in the frame of the Catalan educational system.


From 17 to 21 of November vas celebrated in Vilafranca the 20th International Seminar of the Institute for Productive Learning in Europe (IPLE), from Berlin, next to IDAP. The event was took place in the Centre of Vocational Training Francesc Layret and gathered more than 80 people from 9 European countries: Finland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany and Catalonia.


The title of the seminar was “Productive Learning -  a new educational approach, new methods and new role for teachers” with a wide programme full of different activities: workshops, key speeches and visits to Vilafranca’s secondary schools and one school from Viladecavalls where Productive Learning is being developing. These visits were specially interesting because the educators could take contact with the students of the MAP Classrooms who prepared for them very good presentations and a very good breakfast.


MAP Classrooms (acronym of Productive Learning Methodology) is being considerate for the Educational Board as a one of the best models applied in Catalonia in the frame of the Open Classrooms for working with disadvantaged students of the last stage of compulsory school.



Vilafranca del Penedès

November 2008


International Panel



Catalan Educational System Panel



Educators and students from MAP Classroom IES Alt Penedès




Workshops Results