29 February 2024

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21th INEPS Congress in Helsinki

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

Dear colleagues, dear friends,



on behalf of the International Network of Productive Learning Projects and Schools (INEPS), City of Helsinki, Network of My Own Career- and Jopo -educators in Southern Finland and Frölunda Gymnasium (Gothenburg) we invite you to participate in INEPS' 21st congress which will take place in Helsinki, Finland from 4 th to 9th of May, 2009.

This congress is supported by The Finnish National Board of Education.


The topic of the congress will be:


Exploring innovative environments for Productive Learning


The world around us is changing at an accelerating pace. The amount of information available is increasing at the same rate. What is the fundamental task of the school in this change? Should the school emphasise teaching young people skills rather than information: information processing skills, social interactivity skills, learning to learn skills etc. And what would be a sustainable value base for the development of a school and the school’s role as a mediator of common values?


Of course a school can no longer be a closed social environment. How can it open up to ever more concentrated interaction with the surrounding community? How could change in the world be concretely incorporated in daily school life?


Learning can pretty much happen wherever, whenever.  Almost any environment outside the school too can function as a learning environment. What kind of change in a school's operating culture is needed?


In Productive Learning, workplaces in particular function as real life learning environments. What other kinds of active learning environments would be available in the town where contextual or situational learning would be possible? Is it not the job of the school to teach our young people the information and skills needed in real life?  Then why can’t a young person learn them in real life?


What kind of role does a pedagogue have in facilitating this kind of learning? And are we ready to learn what is needed to be ready for this new role? Or do we just want to hold on to the illusion of control in the “safe” environment of the classroom?


Isn't the job of the school today to produce and support a sense of community: in a spirit of mutual respect and communication? Are new groups of employees and multi-profession cooperation needed to implement this task in school? How could it work in practice in the daily life of a school? What kind of advantages could be achieved?


In the INEPS’ 21st congress we will take a voyage of discovery to the wonderful world of learning environments outside the school. Overarching themes are life skills, technology, the media, art and the environment. We will work in small groups in workshops on these themes, reflect on experience and develop and innovate possible (and impossible) learning paths and processes together. The results will be posted on the World Wide Web for everybody to marvel at.


On behalf of the organising team,


Petri Hänninen, Kari Rajaorko and Hely Salmi

Educators of My Own Career in Alppila Comprehensive School





4.5.2009  Monday  ARRIVAL DAY

Arrival day of Congress participants (Registration of the congress hotel Fenno)


18.30  Helsinki by tram (Starting points at hotel Fenno and hotel Helka)

20.00  Welcome dinner at  Ravintola Koskenranta


5.5.2009 Tuesday  DAY OF ORIENTATION (Alppila School)

09:00  Registration of the congress and coffee

10.00  Congress opening

          Mrs Aulikki Kalalahti, principal of Alppila Comprehensive School

          Mrs. Angela Passa, President of INEPS


Key speeches:


10.20  Educational exclusion: “Dropping in” as a challenge for European     

          education policies and practices”.  Dr. Ilkka Taipale


10.40  Stories of  City as School and  Productive Learning

          Mr. Bret Schlesinger, founder of City as School

          Mrs. Ingrid Böhm and Mr. Jens Schneider, leaders of the Institute

          for Productive Learning in Europe


11.00  Learning environments connecting school and real life.

          Omaura- and Jopo -groups as multiprofessional  cooperation in 

          Finland. Mr. Juha Lahtinen, Education Adviser OPEKO


11.20  Open discussion

11.45  Market preparations

12.15  Lunch

13.15  Open learning environment:  Presentation market of Productive 

          Learning in the participating countries

14.45  Coffee

15.15  General information and orientation for the following days

16.00  INEPS General Assembly

17.00  Free time: Informal cultural program and networking


            Offers: Football match  for participants. Public sauna.


6.5.2009   Wednesday     DAY OF ACTION

09.00   Activities at learning sites

12.00   Lunch

13.00   Reflection of activities. Discussion and analysis of learning

           opportunities. Innovating and developing learning paths and



Learning sites:


            Life Skills. House of Adventure and School of Pace

            Technology. Museum of Technology and Heureka Science

            Media. Finnish Museum of Photography, Theatre Museum and

            Centre for Media Education Metka

          Art. Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and Design Museum

            Environment. Nature School Harakka and various working sites.


19.00   Reception of City of Helsinki in Bock House, The Old Town Hall

            Informal cultural program and networking



7.5.2009   Thursday   DAY OF REFLECTION

8.00     Departure from the hotel (depending on the group)

9.00     School starts: Presentation of the school and Omaura®- or Jopo® -



School visits (in same groups as on Wednesday):

           Tehtaanpuisto School, Helsinki

           Leppävaara School, Espoo

           Group Hämeenkylä School, Vantaa

           Alppila School, Helsinki

           Vesala School, Helsinki


11.00   Lunch

11.30   Producing documentation and presentation of the previous day

14.00   End of the school day. FREE TIME

17.00   Excursion to Suomenlinna ( Light meal.


8.5.2009  Friday   DAY OF EVALUATION (Alppila School)


10.00   Preparations for the presentation market

10.30   Presentations of workshops as market

12.00   Lunch and coffee

13.00   INEPS plenary (elections)

15.00   Evaluation and closing of the congress

16.00   Free time

19.30   Farewell dinner in restaurant Dubrovnik


9.5.2009       Saturday   

Departure of participants