29 February 2024

Successful INEPS Congress 2012
24th INEPS Congress in Vilnius
New MAP Classroom is implemented in Vilafranca del Penedès
From Kokkola to Vilafranca
Reward for Comenius project Come Here - Compare
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IPLE Seminar - Final Conference in Barcelona
21th INEPS Congress in Helsinki
20th IPLE International Seminar in Vilafranca
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Come Together, Learn Together, Work Together
23rd INEPS Congress in Patras
9th INEPS Youth Congress in Berlin
Building Bridges Paris-Berlin
Meeting in Berlin for a new Comenius project
Beginning of a new Comenius project in Productive Learning
3rd meeting Come Learn Work Together in Stockholm
MAP Class of IES Milà i Fontanals received to Hufeland Shule and Ambassadörs Akademin groups in Vilafranca del Penedès
IES Eugeni d'Ors receives to Hufeland Shule group in the third meeting Come Here-Compare
Come Here - Compare partners gathered in Berlin
Firs meeting Come Here Compare in Stockholm
Come Here - Compare partners will celebrate the next meeting in Berlin


Come Here - Compare partners gathered in Berlin

The German partner, Hufeland Schule,  received in its city all members of Come Here – Compare project with the purpose to share together an unforgettable week. The Swedish and Catalan groups arrived on  19th May and they stayed there until the 24th, enough time for the establishment of relationships and to learn each other without set aside the enjoyment and diversion. 

As a part of the programme, the visiting group’s students could have the opportunity to go to different resources places of the city, always with the assistance of the Berliner students, obtaining in this way real work experiences. This aspect of the meeting has been very exciting for them because was the first time that this students were doing something similar. They had too moments for the reflection taking together about the experience and the feelings. In the end they were proud of themselves to feel overcome this new chance that Productive Learning offered them.

Catalan girl with German boy (??) working  in a shop







Also during the week they had meeting focussed in the knowledge of the histories and political changes of all countries offering them elements for the comparison. Each group prepared graphic presentations in English language with interesting contents about these topics. But Berlin, city related with the history of Europe, has a lot of things to see of the first-hand and in this sense the students could visit impressive places like the Holocaust Memorial, the Reichstag and parts of the famous Wall and they could also participate of the tour “Berlin Underground: traces of the war and divided Berlin”.








An unique experience to remember along their lives.



Vilafranca del Penedès, May 2008