The school is called Norra Djurgårdsgymnasiet – but you have probably heard about another namne, Ambassadörsakademin. Both names are right.

Our school is a rather small school in the center of Stockholm. It is an upper secondary school which means that we all are between 15 – 19 years of age here. Two programmes are offered – the Social science programme and the Natural science programme.




Mvh Gun Nilsson
Norra Djurgårdsgymnasiet
08 - 515 142 54
0735 - 1952 04

Campus Konradsberg
Rålambsvägen 26 A (Hus C)

Norra Djurgårdsgymnasiet
Box 340 02
100 26  Stockholm

first visit in Berlin
students reports about the visit´
Visit in Vilafranca del Penedès
a short summary
Meeting in Stockholm


questions for comparing the nations

Comparison of nations by Elin

Report from the meeting in Stockholm

presentation of the whole exchange project