In Berlin there are 15 schools which have a class of Productive Learning. One of them is Hufeland School.


Hufeland School is in the very north/east of Berlin. It’s a “normal” school (which school is really normal???) with a focus on natural sciences and career prospects.


Productive Learning is one of the projects and activities at Hufeland School. It exists there since 2005. First there were only two classes with two teachers. Now there are four teachers and four classes. The students are in Productive Learning for two years. That means we have two 9th forms and two 10th forms. All in all we are 48 students. Our school days are normally on Thursdays and Fridays. That means that we work at our practical placements in different enterprises on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Our teachers are:

Ms Ott (special subject: German)

Mr Hersch (special subject: Maths)

Mr Habryka (special subject: Learning Fields)

Mr Jahn (special subject: English)


You will find out everything about us when you come to Berlin. We are looking forward to welcome you and to get to know you.


This is our second Comenius project. You can read everything about the first one in the section: Come here – Compare


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