EUGENI D’ORS INSTITUTE is school centre of secondary education, in the stage of compulsory school, and postsecondary education. The centre attends more than 950 students from 12 to 18 years old, being equal in the percentage of  girls and boys. The secondary education is structured in four courses, until 16 years, legal age to work in the Spanish system.


Since the school course 2006-07 the centre has a new resource for students with difficulties in the last two grades of secondary education. It’s the MAP Classroom, based in Productive Learning methods, and belongs to the IDAP program “Productive Learning in Secondary Education”  opened all public secondary centres of  the city. IDAP intends to give an alternative to these students who have failed in the process of scholar adaptation and avoid the risk of social exclusion that academic failure can lead to.

The program takes place every year from September to June,  and the number of students par group is 12.
In MAP classroom learning activity is based on self-learning and cooperative activities addressed to obtaining products whole described on Individual Training Plans which combines the curriculum, the acquirement of professional knowledge and competences and the practical experiences in firms. Also the intensive use of ICT as a pedagogical tool is an extra motivation. They are also working one hour a day in the frame of communication sessions in group and one hour a week in individual consultation and support.


MAP classroom is adapted to the students who can learn through an attractive way addressed to get personal development and abilities for life besides the official certification in this stage of the compulsory school as last chance.


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MAP Classroom

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Introduction Students Catalan group. 2on year

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