an upper secondary school in the city center of Stockholm.






* Sweden is a country with 9 millions habitants and the capital is Stockholm.

* The three biggest cities are Stockholm, Gšteborg and Malmš.

* The King of Sweden is Carl XVI Gustaf that don«t have any political power.

* The power of the state goes to the prime minister that for the moment is Fredrik Reinfeldt.

* The highest mountain in Sweden is Kebnekaise with its 2111 meters high.

* Swedens national holiday is on 6 th of June. It«s that date because the fundamental law in Sweden was taken the same date but on the year 180


The capital Stockholm was founded in thirteenth century.

In Stockholm there are a lot of things to do. One of the most well-known place for the tourists is the old town.

The museum Vasa is a big tourist attraction. The museum is mostly known because it has the old boat Vasa of war. The boat sank the year 1628 but was rescue 333 years later.

The royal palace has it own three museums and is really beautiful.

Green grove called Gršna lund in swedish is a historical park with a lot of fun attractions, it«s only open in the summer, well now it«s open… and all kids love it!

The old town, - written by:Osman

The old tow (gamlastan) is in Stockholm Area.

Stockholm build around the old town so it lie in the middle of Stockholm.

Stockholm is built on the islands located between the Baltic Sea and Lake

Mälaren. That was the first place they have to built in Stockholm.                                                                                        

Swedish school system, - written by: Sandra and Mattias

In Sweden you are introduced to the school when you're six years old, insomething that's called "sexårsverksamhet", that's a middle stage between the kindergarden and the grammar school. After one year in"sexårsverksamhet" you're starting in grammar school. There you go for nine years. In Sweden you are by law forced to go nine years in grammar school. Then after nine years at grammar school you have a choice between going in gymnasium for three years or to quit school. In the gymnasium you study for three years and then you will exame and then you can either start working or to start at a university.

Bernadottegymnasiet is an upper secondary school that's concentrates on occupations that's involves the police force, swedish armed forces, coastguard, custom official and fire services. The pupils in Bernadotte allways stands in front of new challenges, for example when we were at Värmdö. We had to solve hard tasks all the time to be able to succeed, and to succeed you had to be able to work as a group, which we, most of the time, did.

The pupils from Bernadotte follow two different programs, and those are: Ledarship and contractor or Biomedicine/Medicinetechnology. But we also have: Uniformed occupations, Ledarship/contractor elite athletics and Biomedicine/Medicinetechnology/ elite athletics.                                       









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