COME HERE – COMPARE is a multilateral partnership in Comenius UE programme which is going to be developed for three European schools during a period nearly two years (November 2007 – June 2009). The beneficiaries will be students of secondary level of general education with ages between 14 and 18 years old.


·         Hufeland Schule, in Berlin (Germany)

·         Bernadottegymnasiet,  in Stockholm (Sweden)

·         MAP project - Institute of Secondary Education Eugeni d'Ors,

in Vilafranca del Penedès ( Catalonia, Spain)


As well as to be partner, the German school is the coordinator of the project.


These centres are characterized by the application of innovative pedagogical approaches which, being gathered together under the name of Productive Learning, are based on the students’ individual curricula and on eminently practical activities. In these centres the students themselves are the ones who, in an active way, assume the role of protagonists of their own training process.


COME HERE – COMPARE is a Comenius project focussed in the comparison (mirroring) of the labour market of the different participant countries: Germany, Sweden and Spain, being as a main topics industry, economy, world of work and business. Aim of this project shall be to show the European dimension of different possibilities of opening up ways into vocational training to the students, to find similarities and differences. In the course of the project the students should get information about regional and national features concerning vocational training and should compare this to the conditions the European market is holding.


COME HERE – COMPARE project implies mobility and cultural understanding

to an international level. The communication and information technologies and English language, the official language in the project, are also topics to be worked in an intensive way.


The working system between students and teachers in COME HERE – COMPARE project should be based in the exchange ideas and experiences by a serial of three activities each focussing on one aspect: teambuilding, work experience, use of multimedia. In-between the three activities there will be a process of communication in which the students exchange experiences on a Mirror web page. This product can be used by all participants and could be seen for all interested people.